Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas is coming...

No really it is..

like fast...

like super super fast..

so fast I can't breathe.

Why does Christmas cause so much stress to me?

It could be because I don't like shopping.

It could be because I know I have no money to do the a fore mentioned shopping.

It could be because it bothers me how non focused on the actual MEANING of Christmas society is.

Or I could just be a giant Ebeneezer with a chip on her shoulder.

The cards, the Christmas letters, the presents, the baking, plus my normal life duties.. it's a lot of freaking pressure!!!

so I will sit here, breathing into my paper bag, pretending it's not really November..

p.s. now would be a BAD time to tell me you are done shopping and just finished mailing your Christmas cards out..

just FYI

1 comment:

Missy Shell said...

I'm with you on not liking the shopping and not having enough money to do said shopping.

However, I love love love all of the other stuff that goes with it. The cards, decorations, gifts, baking....all things that make me giddy with excitement.