Christmas is coming...

No really it is..

like fast...

like super super fast..

so fast I can't breathe.

Why does Christmas cause so much stress to me?

It could be because I don't like shopping.

It could be because I know I have no money to do the a fore mentioned shopping.

It could be because it bothers me how non focused on the actual MEANING of Christmas society is.

Or I could just be a giant Ebeneezer with a chip on her shoulder.

The cards, the Christmas letters, the presents, the baking, plus my normal life duties.. it's a lot of freaking pressure!!!

so I will sit here, breathing into my paper bag, pretending it's not really November..

p.s. now would be a BAD time to tell me you are done shopping and just finished mailing your Christmas cards out..

just FYI


Missy Shell said…
I'm with you on not liking the shopping and not having enough money to do said shopping.

However, I love love love all of the other stuff that goes with it. The cards, decorations, gifts, baking....all things that make me giddy with excitement.

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