Christmas solved

Staring down the barrel of Christmas was stressing me out. I finally determined a sure fire solution on how to alleviate some of that and make the process of suffering through the dreaded holiday a little more bearable.

I have assigned my children various holiday duties... taking the stress off of me, and maybe locating my holiday cheer in the meantime...

Tanner has been assigned the task of decorating (accept for putting the tree up.. of course I will do that.. I mean can you think of anyone better for the job?)

Paige will be baking an assortment of Christmas goodies.

Connor is in charge of taking the Christmas card photo.

Garrett is in charge of writing the Christmas letter..

Smokey is in charge of shopping..

done and done


Amanda Hopkins said…
And you hubby's job??? just showing up LOL
Missy Shell said…
See how simple that was?
Thany said…
Brilliant! (But you must roll the "r" when you read it.)

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