Do you hear what I hear?

Things overheard in my house...  all of which uttered by one or more of the Eagle children

"Is there an evil minion school?"

"It's cool how they can harmonize off key together, that takes talent"

"Whats the difference between a shank and a shiv?"

"Ok lets say hypothetically, what would happen if you put jello powder in the keurig?"

"Clean until you're sure she's gone, then stick the rest in the closet"

"I'm thinking of so many things right now that my head hurts."

"By fencing do you mean with swords, or like selling watches?"

"Ask if we can go swimming".. "it's raining outside"... "ok, I'll ask"

"How old do you have to be to retire?"... "why?"..... "I'm thinking I might retire"

"I'm burning calories.. you should try it"

"Just blame Smokey, she'll believe that"

"No seriously mom, it's gonna be really cool..."

"Help me get the ball pit back to the top of the stairs so I can ride it back down"

"Why do I have to get dressed? There's no school today."

"I need a old speaker, a coffee can, some rubber bands and a latex glove."


Missy Shell said…
These are great, I love them!

And I must you really have a keurig? Do you like it? I'm tempted to want to get one, but they're kind of expensive and I don't know if I'll like it enough....
Thany said…
Tell me these were all said by Garrett.

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