doing the thing I do best..

which of course is rambling randomly...

Wednesday is pretty much my favorite night of the week, because I generally get to spend it with  "my girls".. well most Wednesdays.. not tonight.. tonight I spent it with a crying ten year old.. which is substantially less fun, but here's to NEXT Wednesday!

 I am delighted that the red cups are back at Starbucks, and I can't wait to go get one.

I am still looking for a better/ the same job... well not the SAME same job, but the same location doing more work and making real money would be faboooo.

I can't wrap my mind around Christmas without getting sad.

My house is being painted a deep poop color. I don't understand it.

My friend's son told me he was 4, I said "when will you be 5?",, he said "on my birfday"... well that's what i get for asking silly questions.

I like that you can buy bags of frozen biscuits! EVIL BISCUIT CAN YOU TORMENT ME NO MORE!

Sometimes you have to be willing to fight for what's important. Even if it's a hard , exhausting, crying, screaming, wanna give upping, kinda fight..

Thanks to the assembly today Garrett told me "I'm gonna need two sticks and a WHOLE lot of trash cans!" Apparently joining the cast of stomp is in his future.

Speaking of futures my eldest has firmly picked his vocation.  He did a while ago.. but I am realizing the older he gets the more serious he is about it.   He wants to be a police officer... the jury is still out on my feelings about this.  I realize however it was much cuter when he was 5 and said it..

Algebra is hard.. and it makes me feel dumb, therefore I no longer acknowledge it's existence!

I came very VERY close to getting a gecko.. but came to my senses!

Connor dyed his hair black for Halloween, it's more of a deep chocolate color now though.. I dig it.

I need my lawn mowed.. (no that's not a metaphor for anything.). I seem to have lost my trampoline.

I can't believe it's November.

I can't wait for Jen's wedding!

I'm addicted to watching the same movie's over and over again.. it's a sickness.


Missy Shell said…
Man, you crack me up!
Thany said…
What about MONDAYS?!??!

And I propose that while the metaphor may not have been intended, it might still be something you need. Metaphorically speaking.

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