great gratefullness

After a rather.. "I'm gonna go eat worms"  kinda week..

I figured now is as good of time as any to make my thankful list.  :)

I have many friends who have been posting every day for the month of November what exactly they are thankful for.. Beings that I already have a gig for the days of November, I figured I would share all my thankfulness right here.

I am thankful for : (in NO particular order)

My amazing friends

My better than the best kids

Jazz music


My pets


peppermint hearshey kisses


my brain (even though warped)

watching the same movie for the 8000th  time

being random

not being judged

my church family

kids (not just mine, but MOST kids :) )

that my friend will be visiting at Christmas

that I will get to see Dixie next week




peppermint coffee creamer

lazy days (though I don't have them often)

my hubby (most days):)


the word futterwacken

my brother


the macarena

dancing badly

 hula hoops



Missy Shell said…
Please use "futterwacken" in a sentence. I think I adore it, but I need clarification so that if I ever use it, I'll use it properly.

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