oh oh ohhhh oh.. the right vote

Today is voting day. I am excited to see the promise of change and hope and..... nawwwwwwww I'm excited to see the smear campaigns end. Uggh the t.v ads, the ads in my mailbox, the signs on the road, the phone calls.. OHHHH the phone calls!!  Now here's my thing...  I get the impression that what the candidates THINK I care about, and what I ACTUALLY care about, aren't even in the same ball park. (*side note YAY Giants*)

Most ads go something like this.. "I'm Roy Yacketyschmak and my opponent eats puppies! Seriously PUPPIES! I totally saw him! He also punches old women, hates baby seals, and steals candy from babies! So whatever you do for the Love of God, DON'T VOTE FOR HIM!"

Now as a voter.. I don't care.. I mean I really don't.  Maybe I should.. but I don't.  I'm just sayin, what are his feelings about Health Care?? Education?  The Military? Taxes? He totally might just be, the puppy eating, seal clubbing, old lady beating, candy stealing guy that I am looking for!

So today I hit the polls, voted my conscience, and headed out about my day. I was walking to my car and an older lady (clad head to toe in political propaganda) noticed my "I VOTED" sticker.  She looks at me (apparently I look who knows how) and  gets an odd face, then snarkily says "I sure hope you voted right!"
I replied "I hope so too!! Those pens they gave me were CON FU SING!!"

I'm Amy Eagle and I approve this message.


Missy Shell said…
Did you know that there's a dude named John Hickenlooper who is now Governor of Colorado? I might have voted for him just because of his name! :-)

Yay for voting!
Thany said…
My pen had two ends. TWO! And one was uncapped! And he told me it was uncapped so I could "be prepared." But then I felt like he was FORCING me to use the uncapped side!!

What if I didn't want that end of the marker? But what if my ballot wouldn't be right if I used the skinny side?!

It really was more confusing than it should have been.
Sooz said…
My pen was actually a pencil with 2 erasers! I examined it closely while I was standing in line and was wondering...what's in the middle? Like, if I broke it in half is there lead running down the middle? 'Cuz if not, then it really couldn't be called a "pencil", per se...

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