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A friend made a comment today that got me thinking. (dangerous I know)

So, I was wondering, (if ya'll wouldn't mind chiming in) at what age your kids either did or will do the following activities...

ok so survey says..... How old was/ or will you child be when you let them....

play outside with no parental supervision-

sleep over at a friend's house -

wear make-up -

have a bed time later than 7:30 -

go on a date -

there are no right or wrong answers here, just curious.  Everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another, so no answers will be judged.. I am just wondering where I fall in the averages :)


Katie Reavis said…
play outside with no parental supervision- um, I let them play in the backyard without me sitting there staring at them (they're 5 and 3) but by the street they're still being stalked.

sleep over at a friend's house - When I rushed Wally to the ER Luke spent the night at a friends house age 3 and he spent the night at his cousin's house age 4

wear make-up - Boys. They won't get to wear mak- oh wait scratch that I put eyeliner on Luke at 4 for his Jack Sparrow costume on Halloween

have a bed time later than 7:30 - Current bedtime is 8 unless they're whiny and its been that way forever. Oh and I let them stay up till 9 on weekends

go on a date- NEVER! Just kidding but I haven't run into this one yet
Dawn Blanton said…
play outside with no parental supervision-
I think honestly 9. I had to be able to see them or they were too far, even in the front.

sleep over at a friend's house - 7 or 8 for Arryck and 8 or 9 for Breannon. I have to know the parents first.

wear make-up - Well I am hoping Arryck never wears make-up, but last year he did go thru this color your nails black with a marker phase. Wonderful way to tick mom off. Breannon, well she is 10 and only is allowed lip gloss right now. Next year is Junior high so I might allow some VERY light...we'll see.

have a bed time later than 7:30 - Oh gosh 7:30 was soooo long ago like mabye 3 or 4. Kindergarten they were allowed up till 8 pm. Now the 16 yr old gets 10:30 and the 10 yr old gets 9:30, but whiny gets you to bed early every time.

go on a date- GULP!!! I am freaked out about this. Arryck has been on group dates since 15 so for about a year and a half. However he has not gone on a solo date, but it would not be out of the question. Breannon has been told numberous times she is not allowed to date until she is 23 and she seems to be in agreeance with this so yeah, 23!
Julie Rogers said…
My boys are 7 and 9 and they have been playing outside unsupervised for a couple of years. But we also live in a very rural area and we know 90% of the neighbors in our little development. Also many of our direct neighbors are retired and treat the kids like grandkids.

Our kids stayed over at a friends house together this past summer. I have to know the parents extremely well. I don't even allow our boys to go into the neighbor kids homes, unless I know the parents WELL! We also don't allow neighbor kids inside our home, you just never know!

My husband Dustin really frowns on the make-up thing, but I think I could convince the boys to give it a try. In my opinion, Jr. high would be ok for a little BROWN mascara and lip gloss.

Bedtime has always been 8pm, but they are up at 6:30. Weekends 9pm, on occasions we let them stay up later, but we try to stick to the bedtime as much as possible.

Dating....they are never dating.
Louchart45 said…
Outside with no supervision: Dermot recently (8) and Kieran not yet.

Sleep over: Dermot was 5 and he was at Nathaniel's house three doors down.

Make-up: Really?

Later than 7:30: Kieran's is still 7:30, but Dermot's has been 8:30 since he was 3 or 4.

Dating: I'm living in the now. Girls have cooties or cheese-touch or something still.
Deanne said…
My oldest (Mae) is 9 (going on 13, it seems).

outside with no supervision - 8, but there are rules like 'stay out of the street' and such.

sleep over - when she was 6 (or was she 7?)

bedtime - my kids all have a 8:00 bedtime and have had it for about 5 years.

dating - as my dad told can't date until your married! :) I don't know, 16? husband and I have not discussed this yet.
Amy said…
I guess I should answer my own questions...

Paige(12) and Connor (14) are allowed outside without adults if they are with friends.. I have let Tanner and Garrett a few times if the older kids were out with them, but generally I go out with them.

Sleepovers all happened around 5 and with people I knew very well.

Paige doesn't seem that interested in make-up yet, but I am thinking high school.

Garrett goes to bed at 7:30, Tanner at 8:00

None of my kids have asked about dating yet, well except for Garrett.. and whereas Ella Lou is a cutie.. I told him 2nd grade was a bit too young :)
C. Taggart said…
Play outside - I've gotten more lenient with the later children. I don't know it's so much age as location. The house in the cul-de-sac allowed for better supervision even if I wasn't outside. But doors were left open so I could still monitor.

Sleepovers - The older boys must have been 7 or 8. The younger kids have asked about it, but it hasn't actually happened yet.

Make up - I think Alyx was 12 when she started with the mascara and lip gloss. She probably started adding stuff over the next few years, but that was primarily her mom's decision. My two girls are only 4 and 6. We do nail polish and lip gloss on occassion. Don't have a definite age in mind yet.

Bedtime - ha I wish my kids would go to bed before 9 pm. It's 10:15 and my 7 year old is still awake.

Dating - 16 hard and fast rule for dating. Of course that doesn't stop my boys from having "girlfriends" at school. Of course, I'm just thrilled that they're not social retards and girls are actually interested in them.
GroovyVic said…
Play outside w/o supervision - my kids are 11 and 7, and they play outside alone now; we're very far away from the road and secluded, and I can watch them from every window or I sit on the porch

Stay over at a friend's house - third grade

Wear make-up - for my daughter, not until she's at least 16 and even then she won't get to wear much

Later bedtime - during school the kids go to bed at 8:00 sharp, 9:00 on weekends and vacations

Go on a date - 40

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