a picture's worth a thousand????

Well it's almost upon us.. Thanksgiving, which means I'll be getting a Christmas card from Michelle the day AFTER Thanksgiving :), which means I need to start getting my Christmas cards ready, WHICH means that I should have a photo of my family to put in said Christmas card. I don't.  It is not for lack of trying. I've even had an appt.. or 12 to GET photos.. but something ALWAYS has come up. Between marching band, soccer, whooping cough, pink eye, the flippin Navy, plague of locusts, flood, famine, pirate pillagers et al.. I have no family photo. Soooo here are some Christmas card options..

A) Have all of my children draw a caricature of themselves

B) Send a picture of the dogs (in santa hats of course)

C) use one of these....

think anyone will notice???                                                                                                                


Amanda Hopkins said…
I like the pumpkin one and yes I noticed:)
Missy Shell said…
You silly girl, it won't be the day after Thanksgiving. :-) I always mail on December 1st, so you'll receive it on the 2nd.

Love the pics of your little kiddos!

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