The secret to her success

My daughter is a pretty smart and talented little girl. (shh don't tell her I said that, it'll go straight to her head)

She gets straight A's.  I actually had a teacher hold her after class on Friday. She made Paige call me and tell me to come inside to talk to her JUST so she could tell me how great she thinks Paige is. True Story!

When she's not in school Paige has a bevy of extracurricular activities to keep her occupied.  She Ice skates, she plays soccer, she's in band, girl scouts, and involved in an amazing youth group.

So how does she do it?  How can she keep her great grades and all her busy activities and still hold it all together? Impossible you may say!?

The other night on our way home from youth group( which was immediately after soccer,) I asked her if she had any home work to do.  She told me she had a test in humanities she should study for.

About an hour later I asked her if she had studied because now it was time for bed and her reply was..
"Oh I saw a shooting star on our way home and wished for an A, so I'm good"


Sooz said…
Huh, wish I'd thought of that back in school!

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