Sister-friend (n) - definition :
A friend who is more than a friend. A friend who is family. Someone who sat by you in the seventh grade through all that Jr.high awkwardness.  A person who drove you around in her Jeep when your car broke down.  Someone who consumed her weight in taco bell lunches with you.  The person who stood up at your wedding, flew all over the country to see you, and still sends cute Thanksgiving cards. The person who's family claims you even when yours doesn't.  Someone who calls just because, picks you up when you are down, and knocks you down a few pegs when you are a little too full of yourself.  Someone who would wait out in the cold for an hour with her husband and 3 small boys, just to walk around with you in an overcrowded holiday light display. THAT is a sister-friend
THAT is Dixie
 (totally the Webster's definition.. no REALLY!)


(and has anyone else noticed that I'm the only one who has aged in any of these photos?!)


Jody said…
You are very lucky to have had a friend like Dixie all through the years! and no... neither of you have aged a bit! =) Love you girls!

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