so who's in?

July 1st

Staples in LA

That's right... New Kids on the Block WITH the Back Street Boys!!  Does life get any better?? I submit that it DOES NOT!!  I am also guessing MORE tour dates will be released, (most likely soon) and I would guess that the odds of them coming to San Diego are very good.. so we could even hold out til they release more tour dates...


who's in??

you could see this

or this

or even this (all pictures I took at concerts (Hollywood and San Diego in 09)btw

or make me go alone (then I just get Danny to myself.. *swoon*)


oh you know you want to....


Missy Shell said…
I totally thought of you when I saw a commercial for this the other day!
Sooz said…
How old are these Kids now?
Louchart45 said…
I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

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