This "was" Halloween

This year we didn't decorate (thank you painters). We DID carve pumpkins.. that was kinda touch and go for a while, I thought that the Eagle children would be carving watermelons or bell peppers, but thankful (and thanks to all those who sent me leads on where to find a last minute pumpkin) the Great pumpkin (more like the reasonably adequate pumpkin) was found. 

Halloween in general was kinda weird though, this is the first year that it was just the little boys going trick-or-treating with me.. err I mean,  me going with them.   The older kids got better offers.  When did I become so uncool? (wait don't answer that)

So the little boys and I went and hung out with some of my favorite people, and we canvassed the neighborhood.  It was fun, but I missed my big kids.  I guess those days are gone, they don't need mom anymore (insert violins here).

All in all the kids would call Halloween a success, but I am wishing just a little that life had a rewind button.

p.s. today is day one of NABLOPOMO so get ready for a full month, of witty banter, amazing observations, mindless drivel, ramblings about my children, and over all the scary cosmic void that is my mental state.


Missy Shell said…
LOVE the picture of Slash. :-)
Thany said…
I get it! I get it! Her PANTS are on fire!! :)

And yes, Slash might be one of the best ones yet.

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