words are cheap

which is good because I have a lot of them!

I like to talk. A LOT. You may have noticed? No??

I even try to focus on NOT talking. It never works! I think part of my problem is I am easily distracted. So I will walk into the meeting/event/dinner/ what have ya.. PLANNING NOT to talk.. then I get sidetracked by shiny lights, or colorful objects and BOOM I forget that I'm concentrating on not talking, and then start talking, and then once I start talking I can't stop talking.  I know I know it's annoying, but I seriously CAN'T help it!

I think this is why I married a mute. Ok he's not mute, he just doesn't talk much.. hmm I wonder if he talked much BEFORE he met me.. I should look into this.  Maybe I subconsciously try to surround myself with quieter people so that I can talk more and it not seem out of place, or MAYBE I'm completely nuts! No wait.. that's not it.

So when it's quiet and I am rambling on, when you can't get a word in edge wise, when I am telling you the same story for the 11th time, just know it's a sickness, I can't help it.. perhaps a 12 step program is needed?? Or maybe I should take up being a MIME!! ooooohhh now there's a challenge!!

I also tend to ramble on forever about nothing.. kinda like what I'm doing right now.

Feel free to tell me to be quiet, or carry duct tape around with you.. I totally understand.


Amanda Hopkins said…
But that is YOU! Noone that loves you for you should never try to change that! Its who You are!:)
Sooz said…
As someone who prefers not to talk, I appreciate it when there is someone else who will. :-)
C. Taggart said…
Reminds me of a shirt I saw back about 20 years ago based on the Fallen Grandma commercials - you know which one I'm talking about. Anyway, shirt said:

I'm Talking and I Can't Shut Up!!

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