project christmas picture

Objective : To take a decent holiday photo of all four of my kids sitting together in their Christmas jammies..

Results :

 Connor you poked Garrett in the eye
 OK guys sit up straight

 better, but lets all look at the camera

 no faces, Garrett put your arm down

 seriously guys?

 where did Garrett go?

 ok now we lost Tanner, GINGER go lay down!!

 Dog photo bomb

 ok Tanner.. why the face? 

 Garrett you look like you are pooping..

 Paige, stop sulking, boys be nice, ok lets try this again

 almost.. Paige hands down

 now lets open our eyes, and Connor stop looking so serial killerish

 Garrett no posing

 don't hold your breathe

 Garrett get down

mommy needs some of her special egg-nog


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