The learning curve

I think I've done the most life learning in the last few years.  Not that anything super significant has changed, but I think I have matured the most. Maybe late 30's will be good for me. I think a lot of the things I've "learned' I already knew, it just finally clicks and makes more sense.. that whole maturity thing.. who knew it would take me to 36 to grow up! (ok actually a lot of people probably saw that coming)

I've learned to fight for whats important, even when it seems one sided. Somethings take work, a lot of work, but if you believe it's worth it in the end.. then it is!

I've learned to rely more on myself and less on other people. Which is hard for me, I'm a people person and a people pleaser... but you can't depend on people to make you happy or validate you, really that can only come from you.

I've learned that complaining gets you nowhere. I said I've learned it, I didn't say I've learned how to always put it into practice.  Fell free to remind me of this at anytime during the next 8 months. :)

I've learned that it's ok to be selfish sometimes, it's ok to say no, it's ok to put yourself first on occasion. It really is.

I've learned that status isn't everything.  People's perception of me and where I fit in the food chain really doesn't matter, and it doesn't change who I am. I like me, even when my crazy shows.

I've learned that I talk to much (big shocker) sometimes I think too little, spout off when I shouldn't and can be somewhat over bearing.. I've also learned that the people who talk to me anyway and are still returning my call despite all that, are really true friends!

I've learned I'm pretty darn lucky. Despite some health, family, life issues that pop up from time to time.. I am friggen lucky. I have good friends, amazing family, life is pretty good.

I have learned I really am capable of more than I ever realized.. and I'm going to put that theory into working out.. I need to be skinny or at least skinnier.. perhaps I'll roller derby with Julann.. I mean how friggen fun does that sound???

I also have learned to choose to not be offended. I know I have hurt people's feelings completely unintentionally in the past. Sometimes sh!t happens and people may let you down, but that's ok. So unless you say "AMY YOU SUCK" , I'm gonna assume that whatever I'm feeling butt hurt about, wasn't meant in a rude light.


Louchart45 said…
Dear Amy,

YOU SUCK! (But not in a rude way.)


P.S.- 1)I miss you too; 2) I hope I get to see you again someday soon; & 3) you're a pretty damn good writer, in case I've never told you so.

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