brain vomit

I could do word puzzles for hours on end and never get bored.

Books eat me.  I mean they literally take over my life.  I can't focus on anything else or anyone else while I am reading.. it's sorta Never Ending Storyesque.. only I'm not a ten year old boy or sitting in a dumpster.

This whole being up for orders thing has taught me a very valuable lesson.. MY KIDS NEED AN AMERICAN GEOGRAPHY LESSON!  Garrett said "If we can't stay in America, I want to go to Colorado"

I could eat acorn squash everyday forever.. it's like such a cheater vegetable.. so good, it's like not eating a vegetable.

I have Jury duty in March.. now excepting creative ways to get out of it..

They have hardshell DS cases at Radio Shack for 3$.. I was excited.

The guy at Radio Shack REALLY wanted to sell me a phone. Insisted on showing me all the great phones he had... (I'm thinking of getting the Droid when my current plan is up in a few days)

Watching Celebrity Ghost Stories at night.. was not my best judgment call... turns out.. I'm a pretty  big pansy.

Sometimes I sing really loud in my back yard until all the neighbor dogs start barking.

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow.. I'm nervous

I'm always tempted to put random weird things on the school or PTA websites when I am updating them.. (I don't.. but think it would be funny to put a random picture of my dog or my brothers house in Arizona.. and see how long it takes people to notice. )

I really like food.

so does smokey

I don't have a bucket list.. that either means I'm content.. or unimaginative.


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