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Ok kids the latest additon of


(all heard in the Eagle household in the last few days)

"Mom if we are good, we can get neutereds!"
M -"Neutered?"
G -"Yah, ya know like Fig Neutereds!"
M- "umm that's NEWTONS buddy"

"Can you video tape me trying to chug a gallon of milk in two minutes?"

" Do we have any thick elastic or surgical tubing?

"I'm going to need a really big frog costume"

*working on Homework*
"we are working on the pythagorean theorem, it's kinda hard"
G- "I learned that in Kindergarten!"
"No you didn't MOOOOOOMMM Tell Garrett that he doesn't know the pythagorean theorem!!!"

*points at sock* "you gonna eat that?"

"Do we have school tomorrow?"
"are you sure?"
"mom, your so pretty.. your my favorite"
"sooo do we have school tomorrow?"


S. Lemler said…
G- "I learned that in Kindergarten!"

His Kinder teacher must have been awesome!!!!
Shawna said…
I don't normally like boys. Heck, I normally don't like people. But you... you have some pretty spectacular kids there.
BTW - Can I borrow your surgical tubing? I just used up all my really thick elastic.

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