Military dads

Sunday was Father's day. (I'm sure you are all aware)

As you all know my husband (and subsequently the father of my children) is currently deployed. On Father's day someone said something that all in one second, upset, angered and saddened me. Even though I know the words were not meant in the way they were received, and there was no malice or intent to offend, they stung none-the-less.

Since then I have been really thinking / dwelling on WHAT is a Military dad, and what is his role?

Granted I do feel like a single parent at times. Times generally when all 4 kids have 4 different activities in 4 different locations, yet all starting at precisely the same time.. :) However I am never alone in my parenting plight.

Whereas his role changes while he is deployed, obviously he can't take Paige to soccer practice, or run Garrett to get stitches, but he is always present. Every moment of my child's life regardless of circumstances, they have always known that their father loves them.

So what is a Military dad?

A Military dad
is still king of his castle (or rack, foxhole, birthing)
is always there (regardless of the miles between)
is a role model who teaches his child to stand up for what's right, defend what they believe in
is a hero in the truest form.

A Military dad
misses holidays
misses birthdays
misses births
misses his children with every fiber of his being

A Military dad
is there for holidays (via email, cards, letters, pictures)
is there for birthdays (even when it's over the phone)
is there for births (even if only in my heart)
is there for his children, provides for his children, and cherishes the moments he has

A Military dad
never becomes complacent (as he knows he could be pulled away in a moment)
never takes for granted the little things (even if that is sitting with a frustrated teenager and a algebra book.) 
never regrets the choices he made to serve and protect, not only his country, but his family.
never forgets what it means to be a military dad.

HAPPY (belated) FATHER'S DAY!!



Jody said…
Well said Amy. I appreciate all the military who are protecting us and our country and the sacrifices that they and the families make on behalf of the rest of us. I hope that Daniel had a WONDERFUL Father's day!
Thany said…
Wonderfully written my friend!!

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