Ripley's got NOTHING on me


 Which of these events have actually happened in the Eagle household. Can you decide which are facts, and which were made up by my completely scattered brain??

Believe it...

All four Eagle children once fell with in 2 minutes of each other, all in different rooms, doing different things, 2 required stitches.

Connor grew 7 inches in one school year.

While swimming in a public pool Paige lost her contact.. about 10 minutes later.. she found it.

I got pulled over while driving through Texas, turns out I knew the guy! (no ticket)

I once sat next to Lenny Baker from ShaNaNa in a airplane and had no clue who he was.

Between my 4 kids, 6 different instruments are played, 2 of which you probably have never heard of.

Garrett learned the Pythagorean theorem in kindergarten.

Since 1994 we have housed over 25 animals. 

I've won tickets to 15 concerts, 4 circuses, 2 monster truck rallies, 3 trips to various amusement parks, and more sporting events then I can count, plus various cd's, movie tickets, dvd's ect.. all on the radio.

Connor and his best friend in first grade (also named Connor) were born on the same day, in the same hospital, and weighed the same amount.

My house almost burnt down and flooded in the same day, both were thwarted by my parents who happened to be visiting that week. 

Smokey has eaten 1 door, 3 cabinets, a chunk of dry wall, 3 pin cushions (with pins in them), carpet in two different houses, a baby gate, socks, flip-flops, underwear, and one very sad "Larry the Cucumber".

I once got my car started by using duct tape and a pony tail holder (take that mcGuiver!)

Garrett's favorite Color is 7.

Tanner is a Math Nerd groupie.. will travel long and far to see Arthur Benjamin. Plans on being  a Math professor at Harvey Mudd when he gets older.

Found out yesterday that I'm the commanding officer of the Navy.

believe it.. or....


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