We have had to deal with bullying  this year, poor Tanner has been subject to a lot of stupidity by a particular child in his class.  Despite my deepest desires to grab this little snot munchkin and shake the ever living daylights out of him, I've been advised that this is in fact frowned upon and would look bad since I do kinda work at the school.  (side note* said administration better get off it's hiney)

breathe breathe breathe... but I digress....

This blog post however,  is actually about an anti bullying skit my daughter helped write for a troop project for girl scouts, and they performed last night.

Paigey played one of the mean girls.  I was very proud of them. All four of the girls in Paige's troop have dealt with bullying themselves at some level.  They all wrote various parts of the skits.  They had a little discussion period  at the end with the younger girls that they were performing for. It was really neat. The skit was funny and silly, but they also got a  great point across. Afterwards some of the little girls felt comfortable sharing some of the things they had gone, or were going through.

Here is just one small piece of the skit. The volume is loud so you may want to turn it down ;), the video does this weird zoomy blurry thing.. but you get the idea.

I love these girls!


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