Fact or fiction

Can you pick out the things that I'm lying about?

I am 5'6

When I'm not wearing glasses, I always wear colored contacts

All 4 of my kids have straight A's

In the last 6 weeks I've won over 500$ worth of merchandise

I don't drink beer (ever)

I'm the oldest child, I have one younger brother

I know all the words to gangsters paradise

I've lost 13lbs in the last 4 weeks

I re-re-registered for college last week

My life seems to be returning to a "normal" mode

I have the most amazing friends on the planet

I always wanted to have 7 kids, but stopped at 4 because I almost died in labor.

I don't like my birthday (and not because I think I'm old.. I'm not.. I'm 32) :)

I had no unique blog ideas tonight so I did this. :)


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