a funny thing happened on the way to the DMV

Daniel checked into his new command this week. Prior to this we needed to go get his car's registration renewed.  The hurdle that needed jumping was in order to attain said registration we had to get his car smogged.  Daniel's car is a tad bit on the old side and passing the smog test has proven to be not super easy. (Made less easy when one lets afore mentioned car sit without running it for most of a year).
We tried to do some home maintenance in preparation, and then just hoped and prayed it would pass.

Daniel called to let me know that MIRACULOUSLY the car passed smog!! Oh happy day! :) He was off to the DMV to register it.  Finished up at the DMV then headed home...

... that's when the fuel pump broke.

Silver lining.. we don't have to worry about smog for a few more years! :)

isn't it ironic.. don't ya think?

(on a side note.. don't take your car to Pepboys.. what awful customer service!)


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