Giving thanks

Ok so today I am having a hard time focusing on the POSITIVE.. so I'm forcing myself to...

With Thanksgiving approaching, and lots of fabulousness in my life.. I'm thankful for a lot...

so here are a few...


Tanner's successful surgery last Friday and speedy recovery

Garrett's sense of humor

Paige's straight A's and her getting her phone back (with some assist from mom)

Connor's awesome attitude, helpfulness, and he has cool hair.

Getting a free battery from wal-mart

Amazing friends

Enterprise rent-a-car having a military discount

Daniel's car passing smog

Auto-correct (it keeps me entertained)

The most AMAZING family pictures ever!

My fabulous hubby who always looks at the positive

Getting to watch "Rocky Horror" last night

Green having Student Council after all this year (yes I volunteered to run it)

God and all he has blessed us with and continues to do so

Cherry limeaid

Peppermint Icecream

and the extraordinarily comfortable jeans I am wearing

Red cups


things made out of BACON

things that are BACON flavored


Missy Shell said…
As I was reading down the list, I kept wondering when you'd get to bacon. Should have known you'd save the best for last. :-)
Thany said…
Love you and your list. (And being part of it in an indirect and sneaky manner.)

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