I Vow..

I Amy Eagle being of no mind and reasonably sound body to solemnly vow to:

... take better care of my vehicles so they stop breaking

... take better care of my body so it stops breaking

... to read more

... to listen more (I would say talk less, but lets be honest.. it can't be done)

... to be a better wife

... pray more

... play more

... care less ( and not in a selfish way, in a "I worry too much about how others perceive me" way)

... make sure my kids floss

... to move out of housing with-in the next 15 months

... do something out of character

.... be me in all situations

... to be a better mom

...to teach Smokey how to do... SOMETHING good

... to NOT volunteer for anything new

... to DEvolunteer from a few current obligations

... to not skip my dr. appointments

... to be just a little bit more awesome each day.


Missy Shell said…
Oh man, I totally want to de-volunteer for something. Can't figure out a good way to do it though, so I think I'm stuck until June.

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