It's not just a job, it's an adventure...

So on the way to school this morning a "join the military change the world"  type commercial came on the radio...

Now as you may all guess, I am a fairly big supporter of the military, so no disrespect is meant by this at all.

The commercial had a man (presumably solider) talking about joining the military.  I was totally with him until he said "one day I was in uniform getting gas, and a woman who was a total stranger came up and hugged me... that's what it's all about"

ummmmmmm THAT'S what it's all about??

Random hugs??

Not defending freedom, being part of the glue that binds this country, protecting the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of  happiness?

Nope.. being in the military is all about getting hugs from random chics at gas stations...

I know that's why Daniel joined...


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