The learning curve

Happy November!
You know what that means???
Which means that in the hopes of winning fabulous prizes, I will be blogging every day in the month of November.  That and I like to ramble on about nothing. :)

First rambling will be

Things I've learned recently:

Waaaay too much about boy parts

I like to help when there is a need, but there comes a time when one is filling a need that no longer exists. So I have decided to walk away from something that I've been involved in for a long time, but it's a good thing! (and don't worry Kristen it's not Awana) :)

There is moisture inside popcorn kernels!

I have the most amazing life ever! (ok I didn't just learn that) it amazes me! How did I get so lucky? :)

I over share (which some misconstrue as other things.. I need to share less.. but man I love to talk) :)

I can't juggle (only schedules).. ouch

Car batteries can die and your lights can still work.. weird huh??

I kinda rock the black hair.

My December is looking VERY busy

I don't have a pan big enough for my 28.5lb turkey

I'm going to have 15 people over for Thanksgiving dinner. Anyone else want to come?? I have lots of turkey :)

I want to learn how to make a rhubarb pie.. (who knows how?)

Not all people have good in them.. no matter how much you want them to.

I'm pretty brave sometimes. :)


Thany said…
You NaBloPoMo-ing makes me terribly happy and stuff.
Missy Shell said…
Hooray! You're now one of the cool kids! ;-) We can do this!
Deanne said…
i love your ramblings. and by the end of the month you may just see the same sort of thing on my blog. isn't copying a high form of flattery?? :)

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