Movie snacks

Going to the movies, especially as a family of 6 can add up pretty quickly.
Here in "America's finest city" of San Diego a movie ticket will run you around $11.00.  Now  times that by 6 and then add another 50 bucks in popcorn.. yah I don't feel too bad to admit, that I sneak in movie snacks.
I know shocking.. but I do. I break a rule.. *GASP*
We even have a blue hobo bag, that my kids call the "movie purse".
A quick run through Target and we have plenty of suckers and crackers to get through a movie.
No problems. Everyone happy, I save money on popcorn. win win

Last night Connor went to the movies with some of his friends. Keeping in tradition, he went to one of the stores in the mall to get snacks. I have no issues there (movie food should be cheaper).
He spent last night at his friend's house.  This morning when he came home he brought his leftover movie snacks with him.
I am amazed at what  he was able to sneak in.
A) they just don't care
B) 6ft teenage boys are intimidating...

either way here's the popcorn that was left over. He and his friends ate about half of the 4lbs of popcorn.

which due to the size of the bag, and the fact that they got it in .. I'm thinking next time, we're sneaking in Garrett.


Deanne said…
Oh. My. Gosh!!!!! That's....that's...just incredible!
Missy Shell said…
Holy cow! That's impressive.
Rindie said…
That is crazy!!
Come visit us. :) Matinee's are only $5 and regular movie tickets are $7. (We still sneak in stuff even at those low prices).

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