Random useless facts about me

Because I have nothing horribly interesting to write about today, I will be writing completely useless, random, and most likely already known facts about myself

1. I am almost 37, but unintentionally lie about my age ALL the time. My brain froze at 32.. and often that is still what comes out when people ask... not sure why.

2. I REALLY like bacon. I liked bacon WELL before it was cool to like bacon.. I think I invented liking bacon.

3. After listening to Dr.Oz I think I may be suffering from perimenopausal rage.. (actually it would be the people around me who are suffering)

4. I love board games.. finding people to play with me is the hard part.

5. It took me over 20 years to realize what "little red corvette" was about.. and you may all be surprised to know it's NOT about a car.

6. I randomly write the word "penis" on Laurie and Jules's face book walls. This started several years ago, I can't remember why.. yep deep down inside.. I'm 12.

7.  I used to be able to tuck my feet under my rib cage.. I can't anymore.. I'm too fat.  (insert random inane diet comment here)

8. Generally speaking I like everyone. You really have to work hard to make me not like you.. and even then I usually come around.

9. I can't say NO. I don't know what it is.. I hate letting people down, I like to feel needed.. not sure.. I'll ask Dr.OZ.

10. I need a weekend away.


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