shopping days shopping days just 43 days till Christmas

(if you are from Show Low,  then you're welcome,  you'll be singing that commercial all day) :)

Christmas is drawing nearer, and at this time of the year all of the catalogs, toy flyers, sales adds ect.. are quickly snatched by my youngest children.  They then, circle the items they want for Christmas.  Now I do tell them that "just because they circle it, does not mean they will absolutely get it", it just gives me ideas of what they like.

I'm so very happy that I made that disclaimer...

on a side note : I need to look and see if  the 99cent store has a Christmas Catalog.


Thany said…
Perhaps the 99 cent store will even have a faux bling version?!
Deanne said…
apparently you CAN put a price on love for your children. 99 CENTS!!! hahahaha :)

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