I call it home

I am never sure what to say when someone asks me where I'm from... My general answer is "well I was born in Michigan,  we moved to Arizona when I was a kid, but now we live in San Diego"... I used to say that  I'm from Arizona (Show Low to be exact), that's where I graduated high school and it's still where I keep lots of my favorite people.However most of my extended family all still live in Michigan...

When Daniel and I first got married we moved to Hawaii two weeks later.  I hated it at first but grew to love it. However when it was time to go it was time to go.  When Daniel asked me where I wanted to live I said "I don't care I just NEVER want to live in Norfolk or California".  I said it, it's true..  I never wanted to go either of those places.  I had heard horrible things about Norfolk, and was pretty sure I'd be swallowed whole in California by a giant earthquake.

As fate would have it we moved from Hawaii to Norfolk, VA (which I was largely correct about) and then onto California.

We rolled into Escondido with a two week old Tanner a 2 year old Paige and a 4 year old Connor...and I hated it. I hated the rain it rained so hard the first few weeks we were here, I hated the freeway, I just was sad about the whole California experience.

Fast forward 11 years.  I can't imagine leaving San Diego. This is my home.  I love my kids schools, I love our church family, I love our friends, I LOVE California.  I got used to the freeways, it hasn't really rained since, and the earth has yet to suck me in. I have made some of the best friends ever, I have had the chance to get involved in so much that I never would have had I never left Show Low.  Last year when we truly thought we were being moved (because the Navy said "hey your being moved" ) I was truly heartbroken. It's not just a city, I call it home.

So if you ask me where I'm from.. I'll stick with San Diego... I'm not going anywhere.

I mean come on....


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