Confessions of a wanna be rebel

I've recently come to terms with something...

Something that I've been called since I was little...

Something that I resented, and totally believed I wasn't...

Turns out.. In FACT

I am totally a goody goody!

I know I know.. I've tried not to be...

I want to be a rebel

the "bad girl"

but the fact remains...

I don't think I have a rebellious bone in my body.

After reflecting on past events in my life...

Even when I TRY to be ...

I can't..


I like following the rules

I can't bring myself to park in the red zone

I married the second guy I ever kissed

I once got snarky with a cop who pulled me over... I wrote him a 2 page apology and took it to the police station.

If I've ever lied to you, I probably immediately told you..

I clean up after people I don't know in public places

I didn't drink a drop of alcohol until I was over 21

On my 21st birthday I had a milkshake

I got rear ended and told the insurance company they could list it as my fault because the guy who hit me was so sad

I like serving at the Ronald McDonald house, volunteering at my church, reading to little kids, and rescuing homeless animals.

Trying to think of ANYTHING sketchy that I do....

so here goes...

my rebel side...

I have a library book that is 6 YEARS over due

and sometimes when I'm by myself, I drive in the carpool lane.


I know

I'm a wild child


Thany said…
I don't think we can hang out anymore. You are a bad influence.

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