a few thoughts

My brother will be 40 on Monday

He's older than me, MUCH older

Seriously WAY older

Paige might be the nicest person I know.. no lie

I have learned this week when you think a door is open, don't slam the one you're at until your SURE that next door is going to stay open.. just saying.

Looks like I'm going to have some extra time on my hands.. oh what will I do

One of my closest friends is moving, and I haven't figured out how to deal with it yet. I've decided sobbing uncontrollably on her porch is not the way to go.. (it's most likely what I'll do though)

I want to go to Disneyland

My grandma's house sold.. not sure why , but it made me cry.

I am the heaviest I've ever been in my life.. this is bad.. very bad..

I love my Kindle Fire.  Best present ever!

I should have mentioned BEST PRESENT EVER  when I posted the ugly red shirt that my husband also bought... So he is credited for my best and worse Christmas presents :)

Tanner started water polo. HE LOVED IT!

Garrett and Paige may start as well.

Now that Marching band season is over, Fluffy needs to pick a sport.  Or some activity.  Besides olympic texting, and Full contact Mario Kart

Did I mention that my brother is turning 40.. he's older than me.. I'm younger... he's older...

I love my MUCH OLDER brother

The most fun I have is watching my kids do what they love. Soccer, marching band, whatever it may be... I LOVE it.

I may love it too much

Paige told me after her soccer game today. "No matter where I am on the field,  YOU are the only mom I can hear"... my voice carries.. what can I say. :)

I walked bouncily for 3 miles today.. Seems small, but for my tubby butt.. I was super impressed!


Aunt Colleen said…
Amy, I love reading your blogs. You are so on target with what is important and what isn't.
Selling Grandma's house was very bittersweet. She's glad its been sold but sad to leave all the memories it holds. Ryan, the young man who bought the house, is an avid fisherman (as was you Grandpa), so we're passing on some of Grandpa's fishing lures. I hope he can put them to good use.
And keep up that walking. It's the best exercise ever!
Aunt Kate said…
I don't recall your brother being that much older than you, although he is older.

Parting with Grandma's house was not an easy decision. Cleaning all of the stuff out of it made it much easier. Who'd of thought that one little old lady could have so so much. It didn't look that bad until we started to sort and box it all up.

Grandma would never be able to return to living in her house. Better to be done with it now than later, when it might get more complicated. The sad part isn't the house, but that she is so weak and confused and dependent on others for all of her care.

She's content to just sit in her wheelchair and watch TV. She was watching dirt track truck races the other night. "I like watching them bounce around the track."

Yeah for Water Polo. Beth played with the idea of putting Water Polo on her varsity jacket. PCEP doesn't have a Water Polo team, but she thought it would be a great sport to play.

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