Who says there's no learning over summer vacation?

So summer is coming to a close...
but alas, the start of  a new school year is upon us.

Here are a few things I've learned (or had reaffirmed) over the summer... (and a few random thoughts and observations)

If you watch all the ghost shows on Biography you will learn that you are far more likely to come back from the dead if you are Italian (seemingly so at least.)

If you bury a yoga ball in the sand at the beach, you can use it as a little trampoline.

Garrett is taking to the saxophone pretty well!

I never want summer to end.. I want to freeze in time, right here and right now.

Friends are important, but never compromise your true self for anyone (even the parts of your true self that are annoying to some)

I will NEVER have a useful sense of direction.

One Direction.. isn't HORRIBLE... I even kinda like them... a little.

Garrett can eat an entire 20 oz jar of peanut butter in one afternoon.

I sell myself short.

I only have one child in elementary school... Two high schoolers, and one in middle. YIKES

Tanner starts school in 3 days.  I better get his backpack ready.

I'm ridiculously in-love with my husband.

I want to move back to Show Low (sweet lord can't believe I'm saying that, but it is true)

Spraying EASY OFF on something you already sprayed bleach on, will make smoke, and make you want to vomit.. I don't recommend it.

I would get another Keeshond if given the opportunity.

I LOVE bunny sitting. (I love my own bunnies too) My friends bunny is super fab though!

Don't miss a chance to say "I love you", "You're important to me", or "I'm sorry", sometimes tomorrow doesn't come.


Inner strength is a funny thing, it's subjective, and it doesn't always present it's self in the way you expect/want.

I've decided I need to become a millionaire.. I'm working on that...

I don't want to live in housing anymore.

I have 10 months to lose a lot of weight and look awesome! :)

If anyone is thinking of starting going to church again, you should come to mine.. I love those people! They are my family.

Did I mention I don't want school to start?? I don't.. I want it to be summer forever.


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