38 going on 9

2 days ago I turned 38, it's a bit surreal. I usually tell people I'm 25. I feel 14 and look 70. I think though if I had to pick an age to be forever I would be 9.

I want to ride my bike down this weird dirt put with my brother and the Barr twins.

I want to walk to Plateau.

I want to hang out at Creekside, and listen to stories told by Willie and Big John.

I want to have that amazing excitement and magical aw that I felt watching "Charlie Brown Christmas" for the ninth time.

I want to believe in Santa.

I want to walk out into my backyard and have it be a national forest, not someone elses back yard.

I want my biggest worry to be not wanting to go to school in the morning.

I want to have a sense of wonder about the world, instead of a sense of fear.

I want to go to the 4th of July parade and be excited about the firetruck at the end.

Yep if I could pick an age to be forever I would be 9.

Garrett is 9, he's funny, carefree and smart, and he still thinks I am too. If I can't be 9 forever, maybe I can freeze him and he can be. It's a good age.


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