reflections of 2012, hope of 2013

Looking over the past year, it's amazing all that has transpired in 365 short days. Parts of this year will stay with me for the rest of my life for better or worse.

 I was fortunate enough to get to see my beautiful cousin Bridgett get married. I spent the weekend surrounded by family, love and happiness. I wanted that weekend to last forever.

My beautiful daughter started high school. Her growing up is having a profound affect on me.

Connor started dating, like as in has a serious girlfriend, it weirds me out that we have reached this stage of  life with him.

Tanner started middle school, waterpolo, math team, and tried out for football. Being the lease adventurous of my children, his new found interests are delightful to me.

Garrett has started playing the saxophone.. which I felt at the time was cool. :) He's actually doing really well, and is quite the rocking 4th grader.

We went on a fabulous family vacation to Disneyland in December.  I will treasure each memory forever.  It was the most fabulous time.

I completed 3 5Ks this year. For my fat gimpy butt that is fan freaking tastic!  I did the diva dash last January, the Coronado bridge run in May, and the color run in November.

I learned how to say no, and step down from things.

I directed a children's musical.

I lost a dear friend to cancer. It will always make me sad, I will never understand it. I will always miss her. Unfortunately it had a real affected on how I reacted to another friends fight with cancer, I am trying hard to overcome that.

Daniel got to be on board the USS Constitution when it got under-weigh for a brief time, only the second time that has happened in a hundred years.

Looking forward to 2013.....

My son will become a senior.. (ouch)

My husband may or may not retire (jury's still out)

We may or may not move (ditto)

Our future is uncertain in many areas, but I am hopeful. I am happy. I love my family, my friends, and I look forward to what 2013 has in store for us.


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