Movies (Don't scare me)

I know a lot of people who think its fun to be scared.
Scary movies...
No thank you! I can't handle it! If it sounds scary, seems scary, has a spooky title, or plays an exorbitant amount of "something's gonna happen music", I'm not watching it!!!

I don't understand how scary is fun, scary is SCARY!!! You can't spell SCARE without SCAR, which is what I am for life, because I watched Psycho when I was 14. Showers still scare me! ( don't worry I have showered in the las 24 years, but it freaks me out every time.

Now the truly weird thing is I LOVE true crime shows... Forensic Files, that shtuff doesn't bother me at all. Celebrity Ghost stories, a Haunting, pure AWESOME! Sixth sense, Blaire Witch.... Not so much!!! Terrifies me, can't sleep.

Give me a good predictable romantic comedy, boy loves girl, girl has issues ( or boy does), boy gets girl in the end. Ahhhh gets me every time!!!

In other news I just watched Pitch Perfect, The Holiday and He's just not that into you *sigh* Love a good romantic scene ending kiss.

Yah its been a productive day, don't judge me.


I was just thinking I was going to take my sick ass home and watch pitch perfect again. I love the cup music she makes.

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