A Mother's Day poem for my lovely mother

Forty one years ago you became a mother.

You looked upon that baby so cute and fat and thought..
"Hey I can do better than that"

And that you did, just a few years later
Had a girl, so sweet and so kind,
She gave joy and rest to your troubled mind.

That "other" kid.. oh what a pill!
He kinda gives you a headache still!

But No worries from her you ever had
And after having to deal with that first one, boy were you glad

Calm, polite, drama-free
She was a pillar of the community

No headaches here , no sleepless nights
Always happy, no fuss, no fights

So on this very special Mother's Day,

From the bottom of my heart,
I wanted to say...

You're Welcome



Scott Archer said…
Very funny, Amy. Thanks for sharing, and an early happy Mother's Day to you. You are a great mom!

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