The best concert EVER

Not to sound conceited, but if you ask my friends, they would probably tell you I'm a fairly intelligent level headed chic. I'm generally pretty sane, except when it comes to anything that has to do with NKOTB, in particular Danny Wood, then I lose my shit and become a 13 year old babbling idiot.

It's no secret that I'm a tiny bit of a New Kids on the block fan. ( or I have a ridiculously unhealthy obsession with... Either or)

So lets go back 25 years shall we?

I was 13, he was 19..

It was love at first sight ... Well on my end it was..

It started with one poster, and then two, then three, then pretty soon my room was wallpapered with Danny Wood.

I spent countless hours listening to every tape ( yes kids tapes) that they ever made.

As I got older you would think my obsession would fade, but oh no it grew and grew. Many many concerts later... It finally happened....
Last Sunday my best friend and I

went to see NKOTB in concert (again)
She got us amazing seats near the stage. We screamed like 12 year olds, sang along, were just having the time of our lives.... And then... IT. HAPPENED... All five left the stage and started to walk out into the crowd...

Which one walked towards us?!? DANNY WOOD!

He was literally two feet away from us, when I yelled to Dixie...
"Take pictures I'm going in!!!"

I stood there ridiculously star struck, paralyzed... For just a moment, then I reached out and touched his bicep!!

First off he is freaking chiseled! Secondly it was DANNY WOOD!!! He was standing right next to me, even made eye contact and smiled at me ( ok maybe he was just looking around, but I'm pretty sure he was smiling at me).
His impressively mohawked bodyguard pushed him through, I went back to my seat, and KID YOU NOT almost fainted!

Me "Danny!"
Dixie- "I know"
Me- " I touched him!!!"
Dixie- "I'm a witness"
Dixie - " yes you did! Pretty sure that's going to be the first line of the restraining order!"
(See why she's been my bestie for 25+years?)

The rest of the concert was amazing, a 13 year old girls dream finally came true.

After the concert I of course hit social media! I had to share with my friends that I touched Danny Wood!
I tweeted this

And then seriously 2 seconds later this happened

Yeah it was magical..
I'll never give up now!!!
Loving them (HIM) forever!

and big thanks to the best part of these last 25 NKOTB stalking filled years... DIXIE!! ❤


what an awesome accomplishment for you! I was never a big New Kids fan, but I really feel I was right there with you and all the excitement! Yay!

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