The cabin and relationships

Last week Paige and I had the fabulous opportunity to go back to Michigan for 6 days. I hadn't been back in 2 years, for Paige it had been much longer.

It was amazing how time melted the second we got off that plane. As soon as I see my cousin it always feels like I just saw her yesterday, we have this share-a-brain thing going on. The more people I saw the more time didn't exist. We got to see my most amazingest aunt ever, they were letting us borrow a car to drive up to Mio.. My uncle made me drive him around the neighborhood first.. True story :)

On the 4th of July we drove up to the cabin. If you've never been to the cabin, I'm not sure I could ever justifiably explain it. It's so much more than a building or a place. It's where I keep my childhood. It's picking blueberries in July, it's sparklers, it's giant fire pits, it's staying up singing until 2 a.m. It's where Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Paul, Riley, Aunt Pat and so many others will always be.

I can't put into words all the awesome times, amazing conversations and reconnecting that happened in this 6 short days. Friday and Saturday found about 100 people up there at various times. It was amazing and fun.

I think my favorite moment took place late Sunday night.. Most everyone had gone, and those who remained were all inside. I sat and watched the fire go out. I reflected on not only my time there, my past, my future, those who we've lost. I realized something... I have spent a good portion of my life trying to impress the wrong people. I have fought for completely one sided friendships. I have tried to create bonds where non actually ever existed. Meanwhile all these amazing people sat a mere phone call away and never heard from me. Being able to be back there and reconnect with all these amazing people was the greatest gift I've ever been given. I won't squander it. So to my beautiful Louchart, Schmidt, Volz, Conklin, McDermott et al family.. 619-602-4737 Call me, text me, email me... Send this info to your siblings that aren't on facebook ( looking at you Mary Lou :) ) and please send me back yours. For the first time in a very long time I feel focused, I feel whole, I know what's important and what relationships need to be focused on and held on to.

I love you all so much, and even if I can't get out there as much as I'd like.. I'll never be that far away ever again.


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