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Yesterday social media and the world erupted with the news of Robin Williams death. As everyone else I was deeply saddened. The more that came out about the circumstances the sadder it became.

One thing I can say is .. Don't speculate.. You truly can't fathom what was going on inside him.

Only a very small number of people know this. I'm clinically depressed. I've spent the last 20+ years on and off various medications. I've spoken to more psychiatrists than I think was needed. Yet the demons remain.

I am a master at hiding it. I'm smart, I'm funny, and people who don't know me well, tell me I'm so together, and they don't know how I do it. I joke and make light of most things including this. It's what the world sees. What you don't see is the days I physically can't get out of bed. The days that the voices are winning and I let the world become so much bigger than me. I hide those days. I want people to only see the funny, happy, everything will be fine Amy.

I'm telling you all today.. IT'S A LIE. It's a face I made for myself years and years ago to try to drown the pain, to drown the voices that tell me that the world would be better if I wasn't in it. I fought that since I was a kid, I fight that now, I know now that I always will.

I also want to say that THERE IS NO SHAME IN GETTING HELP! It doesn't mean you're a bad person or crazy or whatever. It only means that you recognized your brokenness and you want to fix it.

If this describes you in anyway and you don't know what to do or feel embarrassed or ashamed, call me. Text me. Right now! You are important, you are special, and I will fight the demons with you, because you are loved.

Rest in peace Mr. Williams, you were loved.

I appreciate all the support I've gotten these past days, but especially that people are seeing what depression looks like.

I have gotten so angry when I've seen people on line say things like "he was rich and famous, why would he be sad"?... It doesn't work like that.

It's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

So what does depression look like? It looks like your neighbors, your teachers, your friends. It looks like Robin Williams, and it looks like me.


~*~ jodi ~*~ said…
I♥u aighme! I always will
thank you for your bravery and for being you!!


Roxanna said…
I had no idea. I figure I never hid mine well. My first child saved my life, gave me something to focus on, something to live for. I worry that when my youngest moves out I'll be in trouble again though. I have my moments now, but not like they were when I was younger and barely escaped.
Amy said…
I'm so sorry you've had to fight this Roxy. I'm here if you ever need me
Amy said…
Love you, thank you

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