I'm so annoying

Damn I've been obnoxious lately! I was scrolling through the last few months of facebook... Sweet baby Jeebers how have ya'll put up with me and not smacked me? Kudos to you all! Seriously though, did not realize how whiny I've been sounding. So in order to get it all out of my system and in the interest of full disclosure/ cheap therapy/ I really like writing... Here's my brain vomit as of late..

I'm trying to focus on the positive, look for the silver lining, two in the hand is worth three in the bush, don't take wooden nickels (insert your cliche here), but daaaammmmmnnnnnnn, I feel like a really bad MMA fighter, the one that ya know is going to get his ass kicked, but your still silently rooting for.. That's me. It's round three and I have lost all cognitive thought, but keep fighting for some unknown reason.

I keep dreaming that a box with 5k shows up at my door. Like seriously 20 times. I'm going to psycho analyze myself for a second.. I believe it comes from my deep subconscious feelings that I would freaking love a box of money! (I mean who wouldn't?) actually maybe it's a metaphor for boxing up my money woes and throwing them out the door? (Ok that's lame even for me) things have been a little snug but I'm really working on not being so down on myself about it. 6th grade camp, 8th grade dc trip, various other activities are just off the table right now. As a mom you feel like a failure, but you know that not playing a sport or going on a class trip, isn't the end of the world. I can't fix everything, and that's ok. Don't even get me started on the impending retirement and all that comes with THAT! :P

Garrett, oh my! that's been a ride. For those of you playing the home game, he broke and we can't fix him. However we aren't going down without a fight. I got to say the kid impresses me, he's pretty damn tough. I don't think I could handle it as well as he is.. Oh wait I'm not. Currently we are working on getting him braces to help his joints during the day. I'm really hopeful that this will make a big difference.

So that's all the yucky.. I promise to stop talking about only the yucky. Honestly I'm a pretty blessed person and sometimes I lose that.. So here's some good stuff....

I got a great picture of the eclipse!

My dog thinks I'm smart.

Paige is all ready for homecoming on Saturday.

The boys are getting to go to this super cool fall festival thing through Daniel's work.

Tanner pulled off the best school picture in the history of school pictures.

Garrett has straight A's despite missing 8 days of school.

I'm going to be getting rid of a lot of shit so we can move. I don't even know where to start though.

I have the coolest eye color of anyone I know.

I make a mean bacon soup.

I have the best husband ever.

I'm hilarious.. It's true.. I really am.

Ever onward!!!


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