A story for this fine Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran’s day. A day to reflect and appreciate all who have served this great country of ours in any capacity as part of the armed forces.

I am blessed to be surrounded in my life by some of the most noble, giving, hilarious, kind hearted, dedicated veterans.

I found myself reflecting a lot today, not just about veteran’s day, but about the 22 years my husband served, the friends we made, the things that shaped our life.  

Today I would like to thank one specific veteran.  I never got to thank him. I don’t know his name, and I’m sure I never will, but this story not only brings me great emotion it also sums up the willingness that so many men and women in our military have to serve, to help, no matter what.

This happened about 5 years ago. Daniel was deployed, Connor was at a band competition and it was just me, Paige and the little boys.  Paige had a very rough time in her early life with her kidneys (as some of you may recall).  This particular day a rotten kidney infection popped up and it was fierce. These would come on alarmingly fast, she would not be able to straighten her body out, her fever would spike to as high as 105 and we would have to get her to the hospital fast as she was often admitted in these cases.  

The morning started out with her feeling a little under the weather, but by afternoon it was apparent what was happening, I threw the boys at a friend and headed to the ER at the Naval hospital here in San Diego.  By the time we arrived Paige was pale, she couldn't stand up. At this point in time, they were in the process of renovating the ER area and the parking area close up was down to only a few spots so we had to park in the parking garage. I got her out of the car and tried to head towards the ER. She couldn't straighten her body, so I lifted her up best I could and started carrying her towards the hospital.  8th grade paige was roughly the same size as current Paige, and I have obviously not grown (vertically) since then, so I am sure it was quite the site to see my 5’5 self trying to hoist her up and get across the street. I was struggling, she was crying, so I started crying... That’s when you showed up. You came out of nowhere. I didn't even see you until you grabbed her from me and ran to the ER. You just bolted across the compound with her, I couldn't even keep up. You set her down as a nurse rushed out with a wheel chair and started peppering me with questions. It wasn't until you were walking away that I noticed the full braces on both of your legs, and the cane that you had dropped on the sidewalk when you grabbed her from me.  By the time the nurse checked her in.. you were gone. I never got to thank you. Not only did you help me at that moment, you also showed my daughter how this community rolls, how we look out for each other, and how great our service men are. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you


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