It's apparently Christmas time..

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... (Except for the weather, but ya know)

I note this due to the frantic holiday shoppers,
the blaring Christmas music wafting through stores,
Santa, ho ho hoing, from his mall igloo,
the salvation army bell ringers.

Yes yes, signs of Christmas are everywhere.

Even though we will not be home on Christmas day this year, my kids REALLY REALLY wanted to decorate for Christmas. So I decide we would decorate a little bit anyway.

I am not quite there yet, but we did get "ye ol' Christmas tree" up. :)

We will put some decorations on it tomorrow..

ok VERY few decorations on it tomorrow.. but hey even "Charlie Brown" Christmas trees need some lovin. :)


MomOfDudes said…
Put that baby on a box...

I sure do miss your duct tape tree!!!
Amy said…
hehe that's what happens when your hubby is deployed. The duct tape tree has the right stand now, so all is well. We are goign minimal this year, that's why we have the tiny tree. We won't be home for Christmas, but the kids wanted to decorate, so I am just putting up a little. However it kinda goes with our "minimal" theme this Christmas. No big fancy gifts, kinda getting back to the heart of what is Christmas. Kind straying from the stores, and the commercialism, all the "keeping up with the Jones" messages spewed this time of year.. back to the basics. So my tiny tree is kind of fitting.

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