That family that dresses oddly together..

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (a day late). I hope this finds you all as candy bloated as I am. We had a very fun night with

my Rockin Clone Trooper


A Killer Bee (thanks J)

and last but not least, after much discussion on costumes, my eldest son the
"non descript" hippie.

When Connor decided on the hippie costume.. I knew EXACTLY what he would wear.. it's orange, belled sleeves, and far out embroidery was the perfect choice.

It's not just any shirt though. It's a family tradition....

(and hand sewn by my mom some 40 odd years ago) :)


Thany said…
I love love that! I remember I was a flower child one year. My mom gave me an old pair of her bell bottoms and let me fabric paint big dasies all over them. It was so cool.

This is cool too!
Devin said…
Nice photos..! I love your Halloween costumes. Those are fantastic.
*emmy said…
What happend to Cheech? But, I love the hippie tradition better =^).

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