Turkey Trot or giant goose egg???

Today was our schools annual turkey trot.

Every year the winners in each grade get a turkey , well that's how it USED to be. 

From what I understand, from the powers that be, the turkey trot, is now a "fun run" with no winners, because it was creating too much competition.




We can't give awards for academic achievement because the kids who aren't as smart will feel bad.

We can't give awards for athletic achievement because the kids who aren't as athletic will feel bad.

I think my boys summed it up this morning...

Tanner - "It's not even a turkey trot anymore, it was the TURKEY trot, because you could win a TURKEY"

Garrett - "This year it's a disappointment trot"


Missy Shell said…
You know, since we are going to be driving to El Centro tomorrow for John's CIF game, I don't think they should call us "losers" if we don't score enough points (which is likely to be the outcome). That would make me feel bad and it doesn't seem fair after all the effort we will have gone through to get there.

Instead, I think that we should be called "Second Winners," and that in an act of solidarity, the other team should elect not to advance in the playoffs.

Blech! B/S! Poppycock! Stuff like this annoys the crap out of me.
Marsi White said…
Stupid rule, great blog.
Sooz said…
oye. these things get my ire in a knot. I can promise you that is not helping them prepare for college or the working world. What's fun about running for no prize? That's just dumb.

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